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Entry #2

Bullshit , fuck you all

2011-08-25 06:15:57 by MythicTeddy

That's fucking great , first my whistle level drops to garbage because of some douchebag hacker , then I get review banned because of the same douchebag hacker 10 minutes later and if shit couldn't get any better I get banned from the BBS for a day , just because I posted in some retarded topic about this insane douchebag who wants to fuck and beat the fuck out of everyone all the time

Bullshit , what a bunch of fucking bullshit . What a terrible day on Newgrounds for me

If you actually read this miserable piece of fucking shit , then feel free to leave a FUCKING COMMENT !


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2011-08-25 06:17:46

I'm sorry. ;(


2011-08-25 06:19:32

how DARE you speak that way about the SHERIFF of newgrounds Canas the great protector of the portal you PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL BAN YOUR ASS IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MythicTeddy responds:

Hey , fucking loser . Go suck a dick and choke on it , the fuck is your motivation anyway ? Do you hate Newgrounds or are you just doing this for fun ? Get a life you little prick


2011-08-25 08:58:22

look at that GARBAGE whistle *pukes*

MythicTeddy responds:

Look at that Garbage User " Snaws " *pukes*


2011-08-25 12:12:35

what happendddd.

anyway just hang in there minor inconvenience. relaxxx

MythicTeddy responds:

It's fairly tedious since everything I love doing on Newgrounds has been taken away , not for long I hope


2011-08-25 20:27:28

Hhahaha! your really pissed! good thing we got unbanned though....
and i can't believe hacked-canas posted a comment to you...
And i know how you feel dude, so angry you got banned forever for being "alive and I should die"

MythicTeddy responds:

Yeah , well it's all over now but looks like I'm stuck in deep shit with my whistle status , it will be useless for a LONG time


2011-08-26 00:38:40

i approve of this newspost

MythicTeddy responds:

Good !


2011-09-25 12:16:33

uotd faggort


2012-03-06 02:08:19