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Bullshit , fuck you all

2011-08-25 06:15:57 by MythicTeddy

That's fucking great , first my whistle level drops to garbage because of some douchebag hacker , then I get review banned because of the same douchebag hacker 10 minutes later and if shit couldn't get any better I get banned from the BBS for a day , just because I posted in some retarded topic about this insane douchebag who wants to fuck and beat the fuck out of everyone all the time

Bullshit , what a bunch of fucking bullshit . What a terrible day on Newgrounds for me

If you actually read this miserable piece of fucking shit , then feel free to leave a FUCKING COMMENT !

One Month on Newgrounds

2011-08-24 03:32:57 by MythicTeddy

So today marks a small milestone on newgrounds for me , it's been one month . To mark this I am going to take a look at my stats

Experience : 330 ( Level 6 )
Total B/P Points : 480
B/P Rank : Portal Security ( 8% Additional voting power )
Total Voting Power : 5.03
BBS Posts : 546
Total Reviews : 106
Flash Submitted : 1
Whistle Status : Normal
Medal Points : 5400

I think I done quite a lot on Newgrounds in the first month

Most likely no one will be reading this but if you're unfortunate enough to have visited my profile feel free to leave a comment whether it's hate , love or just randomness !